Shoshi Yegudayov Floral Embroidered Dress


•LOOK: This black floral embroidered dress is not afraid to shine and sparkle and you shouldn't be either! New from Shoshi Yegudayov is a showstopper. It is made of sheer netting that can be lined more for your preference. This is a dramatic looking dress with appliqués that demand attention. The collar and sleeve cuffs are velvet. The designer shaped the dress gently at the waist which falls into an A-line that just wants to dance. This is a sheer embroidered dress with a lot of personality and style. Midi length. Looks great with heels or flats. Trust us, no additional jewelry is necessary. Your shy and timid side will have a different tone in this beauty. You have a great fashion sense and total command of your style. Let loose with this stunner from a designer who knows just where the party is!

•FABRIC: Tulle

•FIT: Classic


•COLOR: Multi


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