Point Cableknit Straight Maxi Skirt


A knit maxi skirt like no other ! It is warm, it is elegant, and it is comfortable. Can be worn with multiple outfits, and it will be sure to make you look amazing every time. 

•LOOK: Designed with soft, thick sweater fabric for a comfortable and flattering fit, this maxi skirt promises sophisticated style for the office and beyond. Pair it with a matching sweater for a complete look.

•FABRIC: Soft knit Fabric

•FIT: Fits true to size

•STYLE/OCCASION: Can be worn in multiple occasions

•GARMENT CARE: Cold Wash, Hang to Dry

•FABRIC CONTENT: 72% Viscose 28% Spandex

•COLOR: Comes in different unique colors, Black, Coffee, Camel, and Stone

•SIZE INFO: A size xxl offers a length of 40 inches and a width of 15 inches



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