Emile Et Ida Bird Organic Jersey Dress


 •LOOK: A dress as easy to wear as a sweatshirt, made in an extra-soft material that follows the movements of the girls without following fashion. I love everything about this dress: the light blue color, the bouquets of white flowers delicately printed all-over and the cuckoo clocks holding a twig in their beak. I also like the shape with the flounce at the bottom of the dress, the gathers at the top of the sleeves which give volume, the fancy ribbing of the discreetly scalloped cuffs.

•FABRIC: The brushed fleece is a cotton fabric whose surface is brushed on the reverse by a machine giving it a fluffy appearance. Also called cotton flannel, brushed cotton is very pleasant to the touch and reinforces the insulating power of cotton. It is very comfortable on a daily basis.

•FIT: Classic


•GARMENT CARE: Machine wash at 30° with a classic detergent and the addition of fabric softener to enjoy its softness for as long as possible. However, do not put it in the dryer. Prefer natural drying. Once dry, all you have to do is fold and store the garment until its next use. And a little tip, do not wash it with other types of fabric, friction during washing could cause pilling and premature wear.


•COLOR: Blue

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