Elsa.M Vintage Tweed Jacket


Vintage Tweed Jacket by Elsa.M

The Elsa.M Vintage Tweed Cardigan is an exquisite piece of clothing designed for the classic woman. It is delicately woven as a hip length knit jacket making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

The waisted cardigan style gives an elegant silhouette while the gold buttons add a touch of luxury and sophistication. The v-neck design of the cardigan enhances the overall look of the outfit, providing a liberating feel and making it more appealing to women who prefer clothes that are both stylish and comfortable.

The design takes inspiration from both modern fashion trends and vintage styles, carefully blending them to create a unique product. The hip length of the jacket makes it suitable to be worn with various types of bottoms - from jeans to dresses. Its design is such that it can be suitable for different occasions- be it a casual outing or a formal meeting.

Elsa.M is renowned for its blend of contemporary fashion trends and classic vintage styles. Each piece is designed with careful attention to detail, ensuring you have a product that not only enhances your style statement but is also comfortable and durable.

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