All the Flurries Gown


•LOOK: A Pink Orchid exclusive piece. We have a gown that shows a lot of personality and style just waiting for its forever owner. The material is mesh, brilliantly manipulated for a highly texturized and multi dimensional appearance. The mesh is not smooth to the touch and is solidly backed in the same color. The way the mesh fabric has been handled creates a frilly, feminine look that is punctuated with a sharp, contrasting outline of color  for visual interest. There is a back zipper and long sleeves. The neckline is slightly rounded. No jewelry is necessary but if you insist, keep it minimal. A small satin belt at the gently shaped waist. This piece is different, eye-catching and perfect for a fashionista who's not afraid to make a daring entrance. It's a special piece for a special occasion made for just the right person.

•FABRIC: Texturized mesh

•FIT: Classic


•COLOR: White

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